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The Storm Tamer - A day after virus!


Imagem The Storm Tamer - A day after virus!

The Storm Tamer - A day after virus! 

Book The Storm Tamer 

"It doesn’t matter where you came from, just long as you know how and where you´re going". 

by Valter Assis 


The pursuit of success by balancing work with your personal life, health, prosperity, and happiness, has always been one of the people´s biggest challenges. And it is by taming the storms in our life that we get strengthened, we grow and learn to value what really makes sense for our existence. But life always presents us with many difficulties and many problems along the way. However, this is natural and should be seen as an invitation to our development. 

As we strive to keep balance among our personal and professional life, and family, which are essential to realizing our dreams healthfully, prosperously, and happily; we are daily asked for results. Around the world, the system of modern society, with too much information, many activities, and worries has led to a large contingent of people suffering from a high level of stress. 

Whatever your current reality is, and whatever your challenges are, it is important to know that new mental programming, practicing new healthy habits, and developing new attitudes will help you shorten the path to provide more energy for action, overcoming challenges, and achieving goals. 

In the book “The storm tamer,” you will learn about the story of Master Chico who comes out of “a barefoot condition” – very poor life condition – to high-ranking ones in multinational companies, and will benefit from this experience to add more value to his life. 

You will discover the secrets revealed by the Eastern masters and see how to apply these teachings with determination as keys to a full, successful, healthy, prosperous, happy life. So, it will be possible to understand that problems are nothing more than the necessary lessons for your life. They are lessons of the creation about the wrong or inappropriate lifestyle that may be unconsciously leading you to neglect your body, mind and spirit. You will also be able to understand how these problems may make you damage your health and make your life meaningless.. 

You will realize that when you devote time to teachings such as the ones presented in this book, the power of creation meets your deepest desires. You will understand that no matter where you come from, or what current difficulties may be limiting your life, through a well-built plan, you will be able to follow an objective path and thereby achieving success in its highest form with the health and happiness you have longed for. 

In “The Storm Tamer,” you will take the most precious lessons learned and gathered by Master Chico so that you can apply them in your own life. Take a look at this summary of the profound and revolutionary ideas you will find in the book. Meditate on them and see how this will help you build a new, happier, more complete lifestyle that is successful in every area. 

Mastrer Chico´s lessons 

1 Most people let their dreams be stifled by the frustrations and limitations of everyday life. They lose the pleasure of dreaming and stop striving to improve their lives. It is very important to know what you want in life, fight for it and do not give up until you get there. 

2 To shine in this life, you have to overcome everyday trials, learn from them, and strengthen yourself to move on and take the next steps firmly and decisively. Each one of us must live whatever the universe offers to us with great intensity and without complaining, but first, we need to see the blessings in disguise. 

3 The truth is that we cannot know ourselves alone, but rather, we can know ourselves by observing one another as we see our way of being reflected in other people. By watching others on their journeys, we can also find out what our paths are. It is by using others as references that we awaken to a process of self-knowledge that makes us evolve. And that is the first step to a healthy and prosperous life. 

4 Many people say they have few or no choices. They suffer from a lack of self-esteem, become a slave to work, drift through life aimlessly, and don´t have enough time to do anything. They suffer from anxiety syndrome, migraine, depression, and other psychosomatic problems, but that is no reason to stop dreaming. The key is to never let yourself down. 

5 We are not born by chance, but to fulfill a grand purpose. For this, we are born with special, unique and exclusive gifts. There’s never been, there isn’t, and there will be no other person like you in the history of the earth. Your senses give you the power to accomplish whatever you desire in life. You are having a great opportunity to go inside yorself during this quarantine period and reflect who you are, why and where you wanna go with you life. 

6 Fulfilling yourself in life only depends on your deep desire to practice what is already within you, to manifest in the world all the potential within you just waiting for you to discover and take hold of it. Do not let such transformation power be lost through utter misuse. 

7 Yes, miracles do exist and the attracting power of thoughts is also a reality. 

8 In life, everything is a consequence of your vibration, your thoughts, and your gratitude. In quantum physics, it is said that everything is energy and therefore everything vibrates. We are vibrational beings. In the vibrational world, there are only two kinds of possible vibrations: 

the positive and the other we can call negative due to its low frequency. And every feeling makes you emit a vibration that may be favorable or unfavorable to you. 

9 O primeiro passo para o sucesso e a felicidade deve ser a gratidão pelo que se tem. O segundo passo é definir com clareza o que se deseja e para quando. 

10 Empathy is indispensable for effective communication, creating an environment of trust between the parties. In the communication process, for a good understanding, you should put yourself in the other´s shoes and try to see the message or situation from the other person´s perspective. This is the essence of successful communication. 

11 Most people who started life from nothing adopt a negative attitude that leads them to believe that they must go on without anything forever. This is one of the main causes of so many failures. 

12 Of course, life will test you, and it is also certain that sometimes your strengths and your understanding will seem insufficient to what you will have to face. But, it is during these times of great trial that you will experience your legitimate encounter with God. 

13 Most of the time, the solution to a problem lies within the problem itself and lies in the simplest form one can imagine.. 

14 Also, the care and respect you have for money define whether it comes or goes away. For example, the beggar´s money is crumpled, while the prosperous person’s money is smooth. A millionaire always stoops down to pick up a small coin halfway, not because he needs it, but out of respect. Remember, the way you treat money will be the way it will treat you. 

15 Many people believe they will not succeed because they have never had the ideal conditions to win in life. They justify their failures instead of using their difficulties as motivations for fighting. We need to stop the excuses and self-victimization and start taking the lead in your own life. 

16 The quality of your beliefs about your possibilities is what will create the differential that will define whether you will succeed in your goal or not. If your beliefs show only the worst that can happen, you will never be willing to take the risks necessary to succeed in life. 

17 There is a huge contingent of problem addicts. And that is because they look at things only from a negative, nonconstructive angle. The angle of their perceptions makes them believe they are in a blind alley and, even more seriously, they can neither realize how they got there nor that they have the power to change everything. 

18 Adopt and spread this idea: respect nature, but don´t do it with thoughts and words alone. Do it with deeds. Promote actions that not only preserve but also help restore nature that has been degraded. Be a transformative agent that makes this world a better place for everyone to live in. 

19 The most interesting is that self-knowledge is not gained by looking within, but by looking at the others around us. The other people will function as our mirrors which will reflect what we are. 

20 It is up to us to implement the changes we want to see happen in our lives. We need to identify what we want, create clear and specific goals, and move on, persisting in the face of problems and difficulties and trying to avoid the pitfalls on the road that try to diminish our will and undermine our resignation. 

21 By making your life plan you will be programming yourself to overcome the barriers of sameness, hypocrisy, and idleness. The actions proposed in your life plan will now send messages to your brain saying that you are capable of any overcoming. These messages, day after day, will give new meaning to the beliefs that limit it, elevating your self-esteem and strengthening your sense of worthiness to live life to the fullest. 

22 It’s worth remembering that no great work has ever been built in the world without planning. No real successful person has made it without a very clear and defined life plan. Everything that is great and worthwhile needs to be planned, studied and tracked until it is fulfilled. 

23 One of the biggest dangers of misuse of our time is to let routine take away our willingness to enjoy the little things. Because it’s them that one day you will realize that are the most important ones in your life. 

24 Seek the balance of your five natural intelligences: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial. Renew your goals by formulating a life plan that involves all these areas of your being. 

25 In the search for solutions to problems, it is through your intention and desires released to the universe that solutions will arise. The book “The Storm Tamer” has the mission of awakening you to self-knowledge, for evolution is possible only through it. 

The work carries the author´s sincere desire to help people awaken to their desires, values, and dreams, and move from a limited life to a financially prosperous, healthy and fulfilled life. You will find in it tools that are easy to apply to become skilled at finding more time to spend with your family, overcoming challenges in relationships, overcoming fears and limitations that prevent you from growing. 

Finally, you will experience the freedom to live as you feel you will be happier and more fulfilled. In the book "The Storm Tamer" you will meet a boy called Chico, who grew up to be Master Chico, a true storm tamer 

-- an expert artist at dealing with and overcoming the problems and difficulties who goes on towards the top, taking with him as many people as he can guide and help. 

He will be there during your reading to also help you tame your storms and open horizons of great light and prosperity, and achieve a life full of fulfillment and happiness. You will realize that your life is a bit like Chico´s, and that you can use his example to inspire, gain strength to act and, like him, to succeed. Because, somehow, deep in your soul, you have already realized that you are also capable of achieving extraordinary results in your life. 

You will have access to strategies for overcoming the fears and limitations that hinder your growth. You will have more confidence in public speaking, you will lose the fear of driving, you will get the right weight, you will avoid drug addictions, you will have quality relationships and you will find more time to spend with your family and enjoy your existence. 

A day after virus, you are invited to venture into this transformative world, discover yourself and transform your entire life as you wish and deserve it. 

Book The Storm Tamer 

By Valter Assis 

It doesn’t matter where you are from, as long as you know how and where to go to 


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